SLASH your taxes with Liberty Expense Tracking!

Liberty Expense Tracking is designed to make documenting your expenses so simple anyone can do it; there is no manual required.  LET provides everything you need to easily track, preserve and summarize all of your business expenses so you get the most benefit at tax time, allowing you to be more productive and save money, too. 







Liberty Expense Tracking is an essential service for the self employed.

Track your expenses and send a picture of receipts to your account from your phone, iPad or other smart device. Document your mileage and appointments to protect your tax deductions in case of audit. Print out a categorized expense report in seconds at tax time. You will save time and money with this service; guaranteed.


Track all of your expenses and meetings, recurring expenses,  mileage and more in just a few seconds.


Document your business trips with a journal, photo gallery, categorized expenses and emailable forms. 


Create and print a categorized report of expenses and mileage by any date range.  Download to CSV if needed.

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